2016.12.02 00:38

 Hello guy & boys! you are the best! 

Today, I'm gonna inform you how to use Korean library if you are foreigners.

So basically, there would be two kinds of information you'd need to get.

1. You might just want to go to the library, get a book & read it in the library (or study in the open seats and study freely).

 - In this case, you don't need any explanation. You can simply go to your local library, grab a book, and read it.

But just keep in mind that library 'main room' usually opens Mon - Friday 9 00 - 18 00 

2. You might want to borrow some books from the library or have a partitioned seat which you can only get you are registered. 

 - In this case, you need to enroll & make you own ID & password through the Internet.website. 

It's really good if you know a few of Korean (Just a few would be fair enough)

But if you don't knew any Korean, you might have to go to the library and find a librarian who can speak English 

or you can click the 'English site' manu.

If you have further question about how to use Korean library, you can ask me on the comment section with the link of the library website you want to use! I'll maybe let you know when you come to here!

Have a good day!

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2016.12.01 22:12

 There's been many news on Katy Perry's new album, but would she really release her new album? Well, let's find it out!

 Many people thought that her album would be released in this year (2016), but she didn't. (& wouldn't most likely)

Obviously, she has been busy with her supporting works for Hilary Cilton. But now the election was over, and she said she would work hard to empower people she cares. 

 She seems to think that the loss on the election tells her to push herself to help people.


 So anyway, she said that year 2017 would be a very tight year for herself. So we can easily guess that she might release her album in 2017, and she would be tightened up to promote her new album.

 And which month of the 2017? Well, to guess it, I guess it would be around Feb or Mar. She was kinda preparing to release her album in 2016, but it just got a little big delayed, so it won't be like Oct or Nov. 

 But I assumed Jan is too soon cause she usually do new-year things and she has a lot of things to do with Unicef! which is great!

 I'm for her, and many young boys really like her and they are empowered, strengthened & happy because of her so much =)

She is very inclusive and hope her new album would also be inclusive! Okay! This is it for today and hope you have a nice day!


Posted by hyunny22